Lu Parrozze

An cake ancient and modern at the same time; if homemade it acquires a taste and a unique softness.

Il Parrozzo - Ingredienti


6 eggs
250 gr. sugar
150 gr. minced almonds
10 minced bitter almonds
l grated lemon and the juice of an orange
150 gr. di semolina
for the chocolate cover:
200 gr dark chocolate

Parrozzo fatto in casa


Prepare the egg whites until very firm and set them aside; beat the sugar with the egg yolks and while stirring constantly add the almonds, lemon zest, orange juice and finally the semolina. Continue to mix everything, and gently insert slowly the egg whites; flour a mold for Parrozzo and pour the dough; bake in a oven preheated  at 150/160 for at least one hour and a half. When the cake is ready melt the chocolate and cover the Parrozzo.

Serve the Parrozzo with ratafia.