Scontrone Municipality and ABRUZZO.COM in EUROPE

The tourism project PLEASE for senior has been launched

PESCARA – The City of Scontrone (AQ) and the company Ltd. are the winners of a CALL Program COSME 2014-2020 and will be the protagonists of the European project “Please”, which aims to increase tourism in the elderly of the European Community in the low season, offering an innovative solution based on the use of new technological tools web and socials.

On 07th/8th April, in Palermo, took place the launch of the project PLEASE, chaired by Italy ANAS (National Association of Social Action), which was attended by all the partners involved.

“Our project will be implemented in 5 countries in the European Union, starting from the best practices” ABRUZZOLINK “born in Abruzzo that will allow the project partners to share and implement it.

A.N.A.S. will provide its expertise and its facilities to better disseminate the results of the initiative. I thank the Lear Project Giuseppa Adam for the creation of the network and for the work done to date. “- Said President of the National A.N.A.S. Italy Dr. Alessandra Giannola

The initiative infact involves nine partners from five European Union countries: Italy (ANAS Italy, ISEST-profit corporation, Ltd. and City of Scontrone), Spain (Universitat de Valencia and DEPENDENTIAS), Greece (Regional Government of Thessaly), Malta (Mediterranean Academy of Culture Tourism and Trade), and Bulgaria (PKGP). Within the project PLEASE, will be developed a new model of experiential tourist product linked to the sharing economy, aimed at seniors aged 55-70 years already retired and available to travel during periods of seasonal adjustment.

In particular, using its innovative platform Abruzzolink (, will allow senior Spanish, Greek, Maltese and Bulgarian book for themselves tourist services “creating” their own personalized holiday in Abruzzo. “We will be honored to organize a pilot test in Abruzzo, where we will see arriving separately 4 groups of seniors from 4 European countries by conveying our earth and demonstrating that this model is replicable and sustainable – says Mrs. Anna Vallesi, CEO of

“The City of Scontrone will play an important role in the organization of national events PLEASE project in Italy, the first of which will be held next May in Abruzzo, increasing the visibility and reputation of our region in Europe and the City of which  I honor of being the “first citizen” -says Dr. Ileana Schipani, Scontrone mayor.

The senior citizens (55 and older) account for about 25% of the European population, that’s why the European Commission recognizes the importance of promoting cross-border tourism activities in Europe to promote senior tourism in the low season, as older people are a band the population that holds both the purchasing power that free time.

When drawing up an identikit of this type of tourists it turns out that the elderly are traveling with their partner or relatives; with a maximum budget of EUR 100 a day, make a stay of 4-7 days by extending the stay of up to 13 nights. The senior tourists do not like the packages, but wants to manage the trip on their own. He loves nature and culture. IN terms of scaring it emphasizes the importance of the accessibility of places and the accessibility to the internet (65% of tourists who chose last year Italy for a holiday it is assigned to the web suggestions). health and food security are at the forefront of attention

In short, the senior tourists are more informed and demanding than ever before.

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