De Niro checking out locations in Abruzzo in July for the filming of “Imagery”

He was persuaded by the screenwriter Christian Nardi

Robert De Niro

Credit Petr Novák, Wikipedia

PINETO  – Robert De Niro’s manager, Danilo Mattei, is currently in Abruzzo researching various locations for a film, which will definitely be showing in our region, and which, amongst others, will star De Niro, the Hollywood legend, who actually has roots via his great-grandparents to Ferrazzano (Campobasso). The idea came about after a meeting with Christian Nardi, the screenwriter for “Imagery” who wanted De Niro for the role of Giulio Verne, says Danilo Mattei.

So, on the heels of Paul Sorvino’s project with Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino another Hollywood production comes to Abruzzo. Shooting will start in September in L’Aquiliano and along the coast of the region. This time the deus ex machinawill be Robert De Niro, the legendary actor who has ancestral ties to the Molise region, and who will visit the area to personally oversee the choice of locations in Abruzzo. The screenwriter, Danilo adds, is sure that the locations are fabulous and perfectly evoke the screenplay. If De Niro agrees, the film will definitely be made in Abruzzo. During his reconnaissance of the region Danilo has visited the Torre di Cerrano and surrounding countryside as well as the Gran Sasso Laboratory.

The making of “Imagery” will be a good thing for the Film Commission in Abruzzo.

(*) translated by Gail K.