De Niro, Pacino, Hoffman And Nicholson To Star In Abruzzo Holiday Movie

Meanwhile, we try to give birth to a Regional Film Commission to promote the area.

Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson e Al Pacino

“Who will be Juliet?” Asks a character in “Shakespeare in Love”, a moment before going on stage. “You know, it’s a mystery!” Replies the owner of the theater Richard Burbage. A mystery as the return of four giants of the Hollywood star system in Abruzzo to shoot a film. Without concrete support, without facilities and an ad hoc policy, but perhaps supported by the emotional wave of earthquake of 2009 in L’Aquila, a major production led by director and actor Paul Sorvino, one of the “Bravi Ragazzi” by Martin Scorsese he will shoot on the coast and in the mountains “One more time”, this is the title of the film that tells a holiday in Italy of the four major players in the part of themselves. Comedies up and down the natural and artistic beauty of Italy have been  very often made,  especially in the fifties when the Hollywood on the Tiber was great: it was cheaper from a financial point of view for Americans to shoot a film in Cinecittà and surroundings rather that in the Mecca of cinema. But back now, after the unhappy experience of “The American” George Clooney shot in Sulmona, Castel del Monte and Calascio, is pure manna from heaven.

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson are set to play themselves on holiday in Italy in a film, according to reports in the Italian media.
The locations of the Sorvino’s movie are various: Versilia between Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, the Franceschi’s “Capannina” , la “Bussola” and a sortie in Calabria. And, indeed, the Abruzzo that Hollywood has already learned to know thanks to productions in the seventies and eighties, Ladyhawke by King David with Richard Gere filmed between Campo Imperatore and Rocca Calascio for the joy of L’Aquila university students  hired for the battle scenes, where the protagonist was the king of Israel. The impulse of a couple of Film Commission L’Aquila and Castel di Sangro) continued to bring in Abruzzo productions more or less prestigious, but a strategy designed to promote the area through cinema has never considered because the usual local rivalry. Now it seems that the D’Alfonso (President of Regione Abruzzo)  intends to bring together stakeholders in the constitution of the structure that not only facilitate the stay of the crew helping in troubleshooting (on the permissions for location…) but will allow facilities to offer special prices duraing shooting and then take advantage of the advertising-induced films shot on the spot. Porretta Terme (with Pupi Avati), Gubbio (with Don Matteo) and the Salento (with Ozpetek) have achieved exceptional Return of Investment  for tourism of film and television productions.
Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the return of the Hollywood superstar in our country who are able to unleash a great popular enthusiasm.
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