And then… the foot beats on the ground as if it were conquered and the mind gets free of all thoughts, the head dangles and the hands start to clap first on the leg and then between them.

When  an accordion or a tambourine  are playing you cannot help but breathe air of celebration which is an absolute combination and there is no accordion or tambourine that can tell sad things. That joy of being together, which is source of inspiration of our folk dances, reaches the heart and induces thoughtlessness and calmness even just for some moment.

In the speed of scanned and clear notes which increases, we perceive the overwhelming desire of music which removes everything even just for a few instants from our worried minds.

We honor all local associations and companies which with strengh, desire and elegance hold high the values of happiness, calmness and joy of being together and sharing in a joyful atmosphere.

You represent the truest Abruzzo, the strong and gentle one, the one that after days of work in the field, of awaikening at dawn and of rest at sunset,  allows a break.

The joy of being together and telling themselves about the week of the season of work just passed; the trend of births in the fold, in the hen house and in the barn, as the changing of ploughing, of sowing and harvesting, the sale of cheese, of wool and fabrics.

You represent in Abruzzo the spark of love,the choice of spouse for the entire life.

You represent the physical and fleeting possession of a woman who is for the first time in a man’s arms; for a woman you represent the sensation of being possessed for the first time by a man who is not a father; you represent the awaited moment, that contact sometimes imagined for entire months before the big step.

That coupling to the waist, that tangle of hands that breath in the ear, replaced in fact thousand words and a thousand looks, of which we didn’t have oportunities.

Instead the memory of sensations, that coupling to the waist, that tangle of hands, tha breath in the ear, will remain in the heart, and because of the scarse acquaintance, could be only true and sincere..

rare opportunities to hear the loved woman or man laugh heartily and spontaneously, and decide to make of him a parter of life.

Honour to all those associations who can give us these emotions because if we talk about folkl it must be really done till the bottom.

Not only the steps, the music,the costumes, but also the meanings and the sensations must reach the soul of the observer.


Honour to the cultural Association “The colour of the Land“, of Spoltore, born in 2004, at the moment involved in the event “Concordanze”  at its 7th edition organised by the Academyof Abruzzese Ethnic Dance of Pino Gala.

The cultural Association “The Colours of Land” invites you to participate to the event and to a lesson of happy thoughtlessness, on 24th of January at Spoltore at Società Operaia at P.zza D’Albezio from 4 pm to 7 pm- Technical lesson the ZUMPARELLA E LA QUADRIGLIA INTRECCIATA of the high Vastese and the game dances between Abruzzo and Molise.

That multifaceted Association which deals with Arts, Landscape and Traditions organizes laboratories of folk dances accompanied by live instruments, which can be booked even on the website Abruzzolink