A chef from Abruzzo (Italy) to London Embassy

From Italian Embassy in UK  to London lovers of Italian food.

Danilo Cortellini

Danilo Cortellini

During his career he has cooked for Matteo Renzi, Tony Blair, Giorgio Napoletano, Tony Servillo and Bernardo Bertolucci, amongst many others from the political and showbiz worlds. Today, Danillo Cortellini, 29, from Alba Adriatica, the personal chef for Pasquale Terracciano, Italian Ambassador in London, will be escaping the guardrails of the diplomatic seat in the centre of Britain’s capital, for a culinary evening dedicated to the flavours of the region of his birth, The Abruzzo.

The event takes place on 28 January in a restaurant, Andrew’s Café, in the heart of the City of London, Holborn. The event is the result of a collaboration with David Young, an American journalist, food critic and events organiser, who has adopted the city of Big Ben as his own.

“London is a very important but difficult arena” Danillo explained when announcing the event. “Because although its true that a lot of Londoners know very little about food, there are plenty of others who are knowledgeable and choosey. To be appreciated here you have to be humble and present food and cooking in a way that endears you to the clientele. I’ve seen many great Italian chefs come to London only to return after a few months with their tails between their legs.”

The Diplomat Chef, whilst still very young, has an impressive curriculum, having also worked at San Domenico di Imola, one of the most famous restaurants in Italy. Tomorrow the Abruzesian menu includes cured meats, cheeses, and “spaghetti alla chitarra”, Teramo style, with a full-bodied meaty sauce. The Ambassador will also be present at the event, but as Mr Terracciano, one of the guests.

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