Abruzzo: a favourite land for US retired citizens

Baby-Boomer-Retirement.com has covered a variety of overseas retirement options, including locations in South and Central America, the U.S. territories, and Thailand. Only rarely have I mentioned locations in Europe because so many of them are as expensive, and sometimes more expensive, than retiring in the United States.

Recently, however, I have learned about a few European locations that are charming, convenient and affordable! The first one I wish to cover is the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Cost of Living in Abruzzo

According to some estimates, an American couple could live comfortably in Abruzzo for about $1500 to $1700 a month, including renting an apartment or house for about $450 to $700 a month. (If you prefer to buy, homes can also be purchased in the $50,000 to $150,000 price range.)

In addition to rent, an estimated monthly budget would include $100 a month for local transportation, $50 for utilities, $125 for phone/internet/cable service, $125 a month for household help, $300 for groceries and $300 for entertainment and other expenses.

Senior citizens in Italy are frequently offered restaurant discounts and there are express lines for seniors in many public locations, including grocery stores.

Not only is the cost-of-living for Abruzzo well within the means of most American couples who are living solely on Social Security, but many couples will also be able to occasionally tour around Europe or visit the United States. The region is only about an hour’s drive away from Rome, and residents have easy access to both train and air travel.

Climate and Quality of Life in Abruzzo

Americans moving to this region of Italy will find a very appealing climate. Summer temperatures are warm and can reach into the low 90’s. Temperatures in the spring and fall will typically range from the 60’s to the 80’s. In the winter, the average daytime temperature is in the 40’s or 50’s, although temperatures can become colder and there is increased precipitation the further inland you are from the sea. It is very rare for the temperatures to be freezing along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, while snow can fall in the nearby mountains. Consequently, you can live in this area of Italy and still choose the climate you think your would prefer.

Like Southern California, in a typical Abruzzo winter it is possible to visit the mountain ski slopes in the morning and relax at the beach that afternoon.

This picturesque region is full of lovely vineyards, gorgeous castles and romantic stone villages. There is a low crime rate and residents can expect to find friendly, caring neighbors. The hillsides are gorgeous … as you can tell from the above photo of fall foliage in Abruzzo.

Italian Healthcare System

Americans cannot utilize the Medicare system when they are living in another country. It is also unlikely that you will qualify for the national health plan service in Italy. However, you can pay privately for your medical care and it tends to be quite affordable … about $30 for a doctor visit and $200 a night for a hospital stay. The quality is quite high, as well. Italy’s healthcare system is ranked second in the world by the World Health Organization, far above the United State’s 37th ranking. If you have a serious, chronic condition that could require frequent treatments and doctor visits, however, it may be worth it to contact a hospital in the area to get a realistic idea of what you would need to spend per year to maintain your health.