Traditional Easter cake from Abruzzo: Pupa e cavallo

Pupa e cavallo. Easter traditional cake of Abruzzo

Pupa e cavallo. Easter traditional cake of Abruzzo

The Dolls and Horses are ancient Easter cakes from Abruzzo. They were prepared at home on the Thursday before easter (Giovedi Santo) and, after having them blessed in church during the Easter Solemn mess, were given as a gift to children.

In the local dialect the doll is called the “palomme” and is reserved for girls. The horse, “lu mares” in dialect, is for the boys. Usually the doll has an egg on its belly. Its a symbol and a wish for fertility.

They are made ​​with short crust pastry which is given the form of a doll or a horse. The pastry is coloured with natural ingredients like beetroot and spinach or saffron. On top they are covered with colored sprinkles according to the imagination and the craftsmanship of the cook. The tradition requires that for the the eyes the cook should use two grains of black pepper and cloves and for the mouth  one or two grains of coffee. On the belly has to be placed an egg that will cook togheter with the cookie.

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