Capestrano (Abruzzo) – Italy

Capestrano is a small village with 885 inhabitants (2017), in the Province of L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy. It is located in the natural park known as the “Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park”.

The village is very rich in art, history and nature. The old town is dominated by the Castello Piccolomini built in the 13th century, on the hill next to the Tirino river  in a strategic position at 505 m above sea level.

The castle was built replacing a Medieval fort, of which remains the central tower. Several families, like Piccolomini, and Medici, modified the building up to the current structure, completed in 1485.

Among the attractions it worth mentioning the church of San Pietro Ad Oratorium, the Convent of San Francesco that keep many ancient books belonged to San Giovanni da Capestrano who was born in the village.