Pino Coscetta: cathedrals of silence

Among ambons, rose windows and sacredness of crypts.

S Maria Valle Porclaneta

S. Maria in Valle Porclaneta -interno

The ambons … monuments of churches geographically distant, but very close in their style as Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta in Marsi (in Rosciolo, fraction of Magliano dei Marsi), San Pelino in Corfinio, San Clemente a Casauria and, of course, Santa Maria Assunta in Bominaco.

Precious pulpits inlaid into the stone with the gracefulness of a lace almost always accompanied by rosettes of the facades and the sacredness of the crypts, which adorn many of these churches defined by Giorgio (Manganelli): “Cathedrals of silence.”

Ambone san clemente a casauria - abruzzo -italia

San Clemente a Casauria

Pino Coscetta
From: Pino Coscetta, Viaggio in Abruzzo con Giorgio Manganelli, Edizioni Solfanelli, Chieti, 2012

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S. Clemente a Casauria – Soprintendenza per i Beni Storici, Artistici ed Etnoantropologici dell’Abruzzo


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Pino Coscetta: cathedrals of silence
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Pino Coscetta: cathedrals of silence
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