Urban Trekking: Be an explorer in your own city…

..or in one of the many Italian towns and villages which are so steeped in history and art.

Urban Trekking focuses on finding the hidden sites and secret treasures of each locality, making each experience so rewarding and filled with surprises.

Our itineraries are designed by experts well-versed in art, nature and sports.  Everyone can participate in Urban Trekking; each event is organized according to the distance and the difficulty of the route, allowing participants to pick and choose according to their particular preferences.

Another wonderful aspect of Urban Trekking is that you can engage in it whenever you wish: at any time of day or night, and in any season of the year.

Urban Trekking

Urban Trekking


Would you like to give it a Try?  On the occasion of the XI National Day of Urban Trekking (October 31st through November 2nd, Giulianova will host and Urban Trekking event whose theme will be 100 Years After the Big war.

Below is the program of the event and details for booking.

Program of the Urban trekking in Giulianova

For more information visit www.trekkingurbano.info