Valle giumentina (700mt) – Caramanico Terme (PE)

Lungo la Valle giumentina - caramanico terme

Lungo la Valle giumentina – caramanico terme

The Giumentina Valley identifies a plateau of rich farmed fields. It’s a lake basin 700mt high on the northern side of the Maiella Mountain.

During the Lower Paleolithic it was inhabited by the Homo Sapiens whose survival was related to the procurement of meat by hunting large mammals and of wild vegetables picked while travelling.

In 1880 archeologist found the first signs of this presence .  Further excavations were made only during 1954-1955.

To reach the Giumentina Valley it’s necessary to go toward Decontra (about 8km from Caramanico) and from there reach the end of the paved road.

After about 100mt from the junction go staight down to thr Piano delle valle (a white road) and then turn left to the next junction.


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